Erkan Akbulut

UX/IX Designer based in Istanbul, Turkey

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Available Now Most of my work are under non-disclosure agreements so I cannot show them, contact me if you want to discuss and know more.

I am a self-taught UX Designer currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. I have over three years of experience in user experience design in industries ranging from healthcare to finance to mission-driven non-profits. I am also a member of Interaction Design Foundation and frequent follower of their advanced design courses and networking events. I exercise deep levels of empathy through determining user needs (i.e. user research) and mapping out solutions to fit those needs (i.e. information architecture, user flow mapping, wireframing). In general, I follow a user-centered design ideology, but also know that no process fits 100% of situations, and often design requires one to wear many hats -- from print design to content strategy to front-end implementation.